Dirty Sax - Top on MTV Dance!

Persuasion and Escape have already caused a commotion on dance floors around the world. Now Sandy Rivera returns with Dirty Sax, a sickeningly slick house track that will have you reaching for the volume button the minute it drops. Sandy is known globally for producing classic tracks with a deep line of groove that grab your ass and slam it firmly on the dance floor. In Dirty Sax, he’s done it again. A gorgeous, driving, delicious horn-led cut, Dirty Sax does what it says on the tin, oozing out from the speakers and positively wrapping itself around you. From the beautifully orchestrated Original and Classic mixes to the hot and heavy Sandy’s Dirty Dub with its truly killer break down, this is production at its absolute finest. The third from the latest batch of Blackwiz releases, Dirty Sax yet again places Sandy Rivera right at the thundering heart of house.

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